Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Been More Than A While

So I've been putting off blogging for the longest time reasoning that not all of our ducks are in a row, therefore the information that I'd be blogging about would be incomplete. But just today I remembered the purpose of this blog: to show our progress (or even regression) step by step, as it happens, thoughts of what should be done... and all that jazz. So, I say all of that to say, no more excuses. I'm just doing it...

So here's what's going on now. My business partner recently returned from New Jersey; she was away for three months. I've had a full time (regular :-/) job for just about four months now. Suffice to say, things have been on hold for a looong time.

Now that my partner is back, though, I hope that we can get this thing started up again, and with as much energy and even more energy than we exerted before. This thing just has to work. IT HAS TO. It's hard to stomach the thought that we've been at this for almost two years.

This dream has to come true for all of us. It's a family affair after all.