Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cupcakes: Comfort Food Perfect for a Recession

I read an article about a new cupcake business to open in Massachusetts. I appreciated how the owner, Kasey Thibeault, indirectly made a connection between comfort food and recession. She says, "It’s like a mini-vacation when you eat a cupcake. They’re fun and versatile, and there are many flavors, colors, and designs." This connection has been uncovered in various news articles which Tod Wilson, owner of Mr. Tod's Pie Factory in my hometown of Somerset, New Jersey, made reference to on the premier of ABC's Shark Tank.

SFC is also aware of this connection which we interpret as a great opportunity in our area and we have included such articles in our own business plan. In fact part of our business philosophy sums up this thought: "SFC [will] conveniently offer top quality cupcakes with unique flavors and decorations—an affordable luxury in a climate of financial hardship, a simple treat to lift spirits."

Hoping to make people smile,
Joi @ SFC

Friday, August 21, 2009

Social Media: What Does It Mean to SFC?

I thought I'd share this article I briefly read (okay, so I really just skimmed it but I plan to revisit it in depth) about the users of social media such as the ever popular MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and even texting. It provided some insight into their demographics. What I haven't determined yet is exactly how we can use this information for our business especially since we have plans to develop an online presence for our own marketing and advertising purposes. We really want to get to know who our potential customers are and make a mark in our physical community. It's even in our business plan describing our company goals: "To become a fixture in the community in the same way as a “neighborhood bakery”—the “go-to guys” for cupcakes..."

Things that make you go hmmm...*rubs chin*

Joi @ SFC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beware of the Nay-Sayers!!! (cont.)

As you know, we are still on our quest to find a vehicle for our business. We went to a relatively small truck dealer in Tampa today where we were able to better narrow down what we are looking for. We took a peek into a Ford E-350 cargo van that had an extended top on it. The total height worked for our purposes of standing and moving around the van yet the way the top was attached to the van itself took away from the work space and the possibility of adding shelves for storage.

Anywho, here's the interesting part: When I explained to the salesperson what our intentions are for the truck, specifically mentioning cupcakes, she responded with a perplexed tilt of the head, "You think that'll pay the rent?"

I was almost caught off guard and then responded, "Well, I'm not sure but I'm definitely willing to try." Touché!

My purpose for posting this experience is to let anyone who wants to start a business, change their career, pursue your dream, or basically make your own decision: BEWARE OF THE NAY-SAYERS! Don't allow anyone to take away your joy and burst your bubble. It's your bubble to burst! Any Business or Entrepreneurship 101 course is going to emphasize that every individual has their own level of risk which I caught a brief glimpse of when this woman mentioned that she wanted to open a restaurant and when told that it's more of a headache than beneficial decided not to.

I can't say that this was a bad experience though. When the woman saw my enthusiasm, smile and the way that I speak about our idea she commended me and wished me the best. Maybe I inspired her... Go open your restaurant girl!

Joi @ SFC
Beware of the Nay-Sayers!!!
Details to come...